ANCBS Statement on Syria

The ANCBS is extremely concerned regarding the damage inflicted on the cultural heritage in Syria as the result of the current fighting.

The UK National Committee of the Blue Shield has passed information to us produced by Heritage for Peace, an NGO based in Spain.
This comprises of:

- Press release from the UKBS and Heritage for Peace;
- Situation Report of the situation in Aleppo;
- detailed 'no-strike list' comprising 20 sites in Aleppo drawn up by Heritage for Peace in consultation with Syrian colleagues.

nav shield The ANCBS urges all those involved in the fighting in Syria to take every effort to avoid damage to the cultural heritage and to abide by the 1954 Hague Convention and its two Protocols of 1954 and 1999.

The ANCBS strongly supports the Director General of UNESCO in her statement of 2nd June 2013 when she "strongly urged all the parties to the conflict to take the necessary measures to ensure the safeguarding of mausoleums, mosques, archaeological sites, cultural objects, living traditions and other components of Syria's ancient heritage".

May peace come to Syria very quickly.


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La démarche française de prévention des risques majeurs. Rapport complet du MEDDE

Le Ministère de l'écologie, du développement durable et de l'énergie (MEDDE) vient de publier un rapport complet sur la politique française de prévention des risques majeurs.
La politique française de prévention des risques majeurs a pour objectif de réduire la vulnérabilité des personnes et des biens. La France a développé des compétences dans les domaines de la connaissance, la prévention et la gestion des risques qu’elle partage dans le cadre d’actions de coopération internationale. Cette brochure retrace cette expertise par type de risques.